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Hello everyone, I started this blog in effort to extend my reach beyond those that I can help in my clinic alone. As a chiropractic physician I have a deep love for health and people. I am excited everyday to go to my office and help people. I have literally seen thousands of patients have their lives changed as a result of chiropractic care and lifestyle changes.

Each day I strive to bring the latest and greatest information on health to my patients. I have even started a radio show to help with this effort as well. You can listen in on Southern Oregon's talk radio 880AM Tuesdays @11:00AM. Or watch for post on my youtube channel that I am just starting (

My goal for this blog is to educate you on how to live a better quality of life, whether that be through awareness, tips and advice, or even support. As I have said, I have a deep love for helping people. Please follow my blog and start making changes in your life and health today.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

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The power of communication is on my mind today; many scholars have said that humans ability to communicate has gave them the evolutionary advantage over other species. The power to relay ideas, through the any medium of communication, has lead to many wonderful human inventions and triumphs that built the society that we live in today. With the many wonderful things communication as a broad topic covers there is a specific type that I want to discuss, specifically the communication between your central nervous system and all parts of your body.

As a chiropractic physician I see many people often believe that chiropractic is only for the aches of the body, lumbago, headaches, sciatica... etc, but more so than helping those parts of the body heal quicker in correct alignment (which in itself is miraculous) chiropractors treat the nervous system. When the nervous system communicates at an optimal level the body starts to function better. Imagine for a moment your cell phone, in an area of poor coverage it can be hard to make of receive calls, now imagine that cell phone represents your nervous system and your brain is supposed to tell your kidneys to function a certain way. If the signal that the brain sends to kidneys is impinged or interrupted by a subluxation it can come through unclear or even not at all! I help the brain communicate with all parts of the body via opening the nervous system pathways; so when people say chiropractors are only nerve doctors I think to myself; "Oh, so I only help the body function by optimizing the very power that is linked to every action/reaction that occurs in the body, from the healing process, to energy levels, organs, glands, and body systems...I am OK with being just a nerve doctor than!"

I also have recently become exposed to ASEA a supplement that was originally developed in the pharmaceutical realm of health that was designed to be a conductor that optimizes that signal or current that travels through the nervous system. I am beginning to see many wonderful things with this product and I will keep each of you posted on the progress that I see in patients.

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Discover Chiropractic Care

More and more people are discovering the benefits and importance of having Chiropractic care as an important part of their life. Many of my patients that started to maintain their health through Chiropractic care are taking charge and control of other aspects of their health. I have patients begin the battle of stopping smoking, beginning exercise programs, starting diets, or simply making a change for the better in their health. 

As a doctor I try and educate my patients of the importance of living healthy. Not just doing a new fad work out or the lose ten pounds in ten days idea of dieting but actual lifestyle changes. I have a deep passion for helping people, (often my staff accuses me of talking to much when I have patients in the waiting room) but when I see the opportunity to help someone live a better quality of life by opening their eyes to new information or giving them the encouragement and accountability that allows them to act I will capitalize on that opportunity.

One area that I strive to help people understand is a philosophy of Chiropractic care as stated by R.W. Stephensen DC. PhC.    A universal intelligence is in all matter and continually gives to it all its properties and actions thus maintaining it in existenceThis concept may be hard for many to understand but to me its a beautiful. The challenge with our health is this, people today believe in symptom treatment more than treating the cause. For example, most Americans when challenged with a headache will reach for a OTC drug that treats the pain associated with the headache; the problem is this the headache is still there, or rather the cause of the headache is still present within the body. If you ignore the signs that your body gives you you will ultimately lead your body towards sickness and 'dis' ease.

So what does this mean you might ask? Regardless of your belief in a higher power or god, people need to acknowledged the signs and signals your body gives you; my personal belief through religion and profession as a chiropractor is that God designed our bodies with an amazing ability and aptitude towards health. My goal is to help people better understand the power and benefit of listening to the signals their body is giving them and to help optimize that communication between mind and body. 

Attached to this post is a link to Life West Chiropractic College. Please study out the benefits of chiropractic. As a doctor of Chiropractic I have such a deep passion for health, I have witnessed literally thousands of patients change their lives for the better.
Dr. Mark H. McFarland